Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glimpses of Grace

Today is my dear friend Whitney's 500th post on her blog: Glimpses of Grace. Each day she posts 3 or so glimpses of the holy she sees in every day. I have envied her ability to see these beautiful moments each and every day and I have been flattered many times to be a part of them. In honor of her 500th post she made a list of her top 10 glimpses. I was thrilled to see that I was a part of several of her favorite moments over the last few years.

Another friend of ours, Erin, paid homage to Whitney today by making a list of her glimpses of grace so I would like to do the same. Congrats Whit, on your truly wonderful way of seeing the world.

-The beautiful yellow roses on each table at Laura Mendenhall's farewell BBQ. She is a very classy lady from Texas and the roses were meant to represent her.

-My favorite professor whom I idolize giving me a hug and congratulating me on accepting a call. She said "They're so lucky to get you!" I almost melted!!

-The ugly gray sky fading away to a gorgeous blue sky just in time for the BBQ this afternoon.

-Spending everyday of my Spring Break with my dad. I've been back in Atlanta for 2 days and called him just to say Hi today because I missed him. We had so much fun shopping for cars, shopping for groceries, cooking dinner, and just being lazy together.

-Coming back to my room after the BBQ and changing into my PJs and getting cozy under a blanket. Anyone who knows me knows that I could wear my PJs all day and I truly enjoy just laying around in them.

-Realizing that I'm going to New Jersey to see my bestest friends in only 16 days!

-When someone mentioned Grady hospital today I thought of Whitney and how dedicated she was to her work as a chaplin there. She brought comfort and the Spirit to so many people who truly needed her.

-Starting a question today and having Betsy Turner answer it before I even got to the end. We both laughed and she said "Yes I knew exactly what you were asking"

-Landing in the Atlanta airport Sunday to find Betsy Montgomery waiting for me in her bright green Easter dress. My flight was almost an hour late but she didn't even care. I must have apologized 10 times she finally said "Jess, I didn't even notice. Really, all I would have been doing was watching TV in my PJs." She's such a wonderful friend. I was sad to leave home and my family so it was wonderful to find someone I love waiting for me :)

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Whitney said...

Thank you for this, Jessi. It really brightened my day a lot. (and in rainy, dark Belfast that means a lot!) :) I'm so excited to hang out it 2 weeks! (If we wear heels, can we get away with pj's in nyc??)
love ya!